Sentence Structure in OET

This course is about sentence structure for OET writing but also other parts of the test as well. In each vieo, the teacher focuses on a key part of sentence structure.

What does the course contain?

5 classes on sentence structure for OET. In this course Paul discusses, causes, results, addition and much much more! All SET teachers are PREMIUM PROVIDERS of OET, which means that they have been trained by OET how to teach the exam! They are specialist teachers who work hard every day to ensure SET student pass the exam.

  • CAUSES: How do we talk about causes in OET? In this class, the teacher goes through what you need to know.

  • RESULTS: This class is about using phrases like 'resulting in' or 'as a result' or 'due to', etc.

  • CONTRAST: Writing contrast sentences is key in OET and this course includes 2 hours on this.

  • ADDITION: Using phrases like 'in addition', 'additionally', 'as well as', etc.

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