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Some of our most popular IELTS course videos completely free! SET guarantee outstanding teachers of IELTS because our teachers have over 10 years experience teaching the exam! They are specialist teachers who work hard to ensure SET students pass with the garde they need first time. The aim of this course is to provide free advice and tips for all IELTS students.

  • IELTS Writing Introduction: we have provided a number of official IELTS Writing Introduction videos full of tips and advice!

  • IELTS Live Writing Classes: SET have provided 2 official live classes from our popular IELTS Writing course!

  • IELTS Intensive: In the course, SET provide a detailed breakdown of what you get as a student with our IELTS Intensive package.

  • IELTS Reading: We have provided access to some of our official IELTS Reading videos!

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